Friday, September 10, 2010

Good Golly Molly

Let's play catch up.
Eli was born July 13th, 2010 at 8:25...very healthy at 8 pounds and 6 ounces, he came out talking. =)

Life is crazy now. I started school the first week in August, which is crazy I am finishing my Bachelor's. I am really excited though and enjoying classes because I am actually doing teaching related classes, I get to do my observations beginning next week in an elementary school in Virginia Beach. I will begin working on my Master's next fall and hopefully be teachering by September of 2012. =)
Paul is also starting school in October which adds to the CRAZINESSS, he will be at MCI in Virginia Beach, I'm really proud of him that he found something he will enjoy.
Now to the boyysss..oh boy oh boy. They keep both of us on our toes constantly.
Noa is still Noa, plus some because now he has someone he believes at times he has to compete with. Eli is completely different than Noa was as a baby, Eli is very clingy and makes ten times more noise than Noa ever did (even though Noa makes up for it now because he is never silent.) I did not breastfeed with Noa, but I am with Eli and it has been a little rough for me, I have done it because I think it is the best thing for him, and I am able to but I get frustrated because I am the only one who can do it...I know this is selfish and I'm trying to work it out on the inside.

Even with all of this craziness I take on more...I took up the consignment sale, which is awesome might I add because I think it will be great. I am also teaching dance classes part time. urgh. I'm tired talking about it.
Can someone please tell all of my good tv shows to come back on....I'm tired of watching reruns.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Oh Thursday

Today, rough day...Blanche died... YOU should know who Blanche is, from the GOLDEN GIRLS!! Hello! Went to dinner with papa dukes (my dad) where Noa decided it was necessary and appropriate to BARF all over himself, me and the table...the drama queen AKA my 18 sister has to make more of a freaking scene and me like OH MY GOD's that's disgusting MAKE him screeching...UM newsflash do you think he likes sitting in his own I didn't think so. So to say the least dinner was ruined and mine came home in a box and is currently waiting for the hubs to come home and eat it. JULY 13th is the eviction day, I have to call at 5AM and they will tell me either 7AM or 9AM for my induction. I wish I could fast forward a month. A friend is having a baby tomorrow good luck Mama it's her first. =) I need to take a sweet belly picture and show how giangantic I am.
Watching the game GO CELTICS.

After getting all cleaned up after dinner, my baby, baby sister felt it was incredibly necessary to teach Noa how to give people wet willies...Awesome...NOT I know.

Getting home and bathed after a puke bath at dinner is always excited, syke. Well of course he was hungry all over again so we did a recap of dinner 86 the barf.

After bedtime, in his BIG BOY bed, I managed to sew a rip in hubs work pants all by myself with a needle and thread. I still have al ten fingers and the pants look FAB. I hope he is as proud as I am =)

sleepy mommy. night

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

ELI Update

Mr. Eli Benjamin Andrew Conwell will be here before or no later than July 13, 2010. My wonderful and fab Dr. Hammer(time) scheduled my induction for July 13, 2010 at 7AM. YEA baby! A huge part of  me believes he will be here WAY before then, but a girl can hope right.

Blackwater poo. Job Ended. Un-Employment

So to make a long story short. and not put out all ugly poo, Paul no longer works for Blackwater USA as of yesterday June 1 at around I freaked, had a panic attack, and cried so hard I was having contractions...Now much more level headed, I realize bad things happen to good people, and sometimes some people will never get a break, God knows what they are capable of handling and will never give them more than that. With that said, Paul tried to do the right thing, and got screwed because of it...but Karma will truly come back to get those who did him wrong. We are happy and healthy and we are going to be okay.
I have been joking him about unemployment since the dust settled and we realized we are better and stronger than this.
Last night sitting on the couch in his boxers, I felt it was necessary to begin cracking jokes, about employment day 1...As of last night he has a new addiction with America's got's pretty cute he is like a boy in a candy shop...and for someone who doesn't really want a TV series (like for example,  ME...with Army wives, and desperate house wives, and the Bachelorette, and Criminal Minds and Law and Order...okay you get the point, I have a show EVERY night.) It's really cute, that he is like I like this show. We will see if his ADD reminds him or not to watch it next week. But I reminded him since he was unemployed he has nothing better to do than watch TV...such a loving wife.
So this morning we get up and I say what do you have planned for unemployment day two...he had two interviews, and at about 12:00 UNEMPLOYMENT was over!! He starts a new job tomorrow, well it's a new old job. He is going back to his old place of work...I don't know if he is stoked or not BUT HEY it's a paycheck. He is also planning on getting a part time job at night so I can relax and not rush back to work after I have Eli...My hubs is so dreamy, I wish everyone was so lucky.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Beach day...well Saturday but still

Took Mister Noa to the beach on Saturday it was a blast, check it out it was funn..PS I had never been to OV beach, been there done that been weirded out and was glad I had super dark sunglasses on so I could STARE.haha

Monday, May 24, 2010

RAWRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR, Eli's crib got recalled!

Just when things were going so swell...WHACK something fails...Like Noa says "FAIL!" haha.
Paul and I were discussing the crib we were going to use for Eli which had been Noa's but he got upgraded to a big boy bed (well sorta, it's still a toddler bed, but it's not baby brother's bed) anyways long story short...The crib was recalled because it's one of those drop-side cribs that have been recalled all across the country, which makes this even worse is that the company is Simplicity, which went out of business like last year or the year before...what does this mean, we are SCREWED. We can't and would never sell the crib, because it's a hazard and I would never put someone else's child in to the dump we go at one point this week to dispose of this piece of junk...on to the next one I suppose. But where from.urgh. If you do have a drop side crib check it is some scary stuff happening so beware.

Noa is being voted for baby of the week...check it out
Vote for Cake face for Baby of the Week

That is it for now. Didn't post pictures left work because I had a wicked headache, slept for a bit and now I'm wired. super...NOT.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Going to try to be more regular

I've been really bad at keeping up with blogging! I enjoy reading them more, and laughing at funny posts, and by time I get done reading all the blogs I read, I'm ready for bed...who am I kidding I am reading for bed after being awake for 10 minutes!!
Currently 8 months pregnant with Mr. Eli Benjamin Andrew Conwell, current weight gain 15 pounds and always exhausted. He is healthy, I think he might be a soccer player the way he is constantly kicking. Everyone says I'm not making it till July, LET'S hope so for Paul's sake.

In other news, I was accepted to ODU and begin working on my Bachelors in Early Childhood Education in the fall...which brings me to my next point. Paul and I are strongly considering me being a SAHM (Stay at home mom) in the fall (I'm all cool with the lingo ALREADY, totally a job for me.) Well it's a big debate, it's a huge difference from out current life style, so if you have ideas on A. how to become independably weathly (or dependably, I'm not picky) or B. A part time job or any work from home jobs holler at a sista.

I really wish these stupid basket ball finals would END, it's messing up my shows for like over the last week. RAWR. and I don't like being behind..but on my a plus side, I do have cable like 900 channels and my own house which is a huge difference from a month ago.
I have homework for child psychology to do. PEACE. PS I'll post new pictures tomorrow.