Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Beach day...well Saturday but still

Took Mister Noa to the beach on Saturday it was a blast, check it out it was funn..PS I had never been to OV beach, been there done that been weirded out and was glad I had super dark sunglasses on so I could STARE.haha


  1. OMG! :) Didn't know you had a blog, but now I am glad you do! :) I voted for your adorable cake face baby...I can't believe you will have another boy soon. I'm so sorry about the crib but I'm proud of you for having such a beautiful attitude!

  2. I'm so scared to be a mom of two.hahaha.a little late right?!? I keep catching myself saying boys, and I make this deer in the headlights look! =)