Thursday, June 3, 2010

Oh Thursday

Today, rough day...Blanche died... YOU should know who Blanche is, from the GOLDEN GIRLS!! Hello! Went to dinner with papa dukes (my dad) where Noa decided it was necessary and appropriate to BARF all over himself, me and the table...the drama queen AKA my 18 sister has to make more of a freaking scene and me like OH MY GOD's that's disgusting MAKE him screeching...UM newsflash do you think he likes sitting in his own I didn't think so. So to say the least dinner was ruined and mine came home in a box and is currently waiting for the hubs to come home and eat it. JULY 13th is the eviction day, I have to call at 5AM and they will tell me either 7AM or 9AM for my induction. I wish I could fast forward a month. A friend is having a baby tomorrow good luck Mama it's her first. =) I need to take a sweet belly picture and show how giangantic I am.
Watching the game GO CELTICS.

After getting all cleaned up after dinner, my baby, baby sister felt it was incredibly necessary to teach Noa how to give people wet willies...Awesome...NOT I know.

Getting home and bathed after a puke bath at dinner is always excited, syke. Well of course he was hungry all over again so we did a recap of dinner 86 the barf.

After bedtime, in his BIG BOY bed, I managed to sew a rip in hubs work pants all by myself with a needle and thread. I still have al ten fingers and the pants look FAB. I hope he is as proud as I am =)

sleepy mommy. night

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