Monday, May 24, 2010

RAWRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR, Eli's crib got recalled!

Just when things were going so swell...WHACK something fails...Like Noa says "FAIL!" haha.
Paul and I were discussing the crib we were going to use for Eli which had been Noa's but he got upgraded to a big boy bed (well sorta, it's still a toddler bed, but it's not baby brother's bed) anyways long story short...The crib was recalled because it's one of those drop-side cribs that have been recalled all across the country, which makes this even worse is that the company is Simplicity, which went out of business like last year or the year before...what does this mean, we are SCREWED. We can't and would never sell the crib, because it's a hazard and I would never put someone else's child in to the dump we go at one point this week to dispose of this piece of junk...on to the next one I suppose. But where from.urgh. If you do have a drop side crib check it is some scary stuff happening so beware.

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That is it for now. Didn't post pictures left work because I had a wicked headache, slept for a bit and now I'm wired. super...NOT.

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  1. Good call on getting rid of the crib. Be sure to bust it up into pieces before you dump it. You'd be surprised to know that many people will peruse the dumb for cribs and carseats because they cannot afford them on their own.