Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Blackwater poo. Job Ended. Un-Employment

So to make a long story short. and not put out all ugly poo, Paul no longer works for Blackwater USA as of yesterday June 1 at around I freaked, had a panic attack, and cried so hard I was having contractions...Now much more level headed, I realize bad things happen to good people, and sometimes some people will never get a break, God knows what they are capable of handling and will never give them more than that. With that said, Paul tried to do the right thing, and got screwed because of it...but Karma will truly come back to get those who did him wrong. We are happy and healthy and we are going to be okay.
I have been joking him about unemployment since the dust settled and we realized we are better and stronger than this.
Last night sitting on the couch in his boxers, I felt it was necessary to begin cracking jokes, about employment day 1...As of last night he has a new addiction with America's got's pretty cute he is like a boy in a candy shop...and for someone who doesn't really want a TV series (like for example,  ME...with Army wives, and desperate house wives, and the Bachelorette, and Criminal Minds and Law and Order...okay you get the point, I have a show EVERY night.) It's really cute, that he is like I like this show. We will see if his ADD reminds him or not to watch it next week. But I reminded him since he was unemployed he has nothing better to do than watch TV...such a loving wife.
So this morning we get up and I say what do you have planned for unemployment day two...he had two interviews, and at about 12:00 UNEMPLOYMENT was over!! He starts a new job tomorrow, well it's a new old job. He is going back to his old place of work...I don't know if he is stoked or not BUT HEY it's a paycheck. He is also planning on getting a part time job at night so I can relax and not rush back to work after I have Eli...My hubs is so dreamy, I wish everyone was so lucky.

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  1. you guys are so awesome :) I'm glad everything is working out!