Thursday, January 21, 2010

To the Doctor's we go...

Today we got the news we didn't want. Noa has to have surgery to correct the problem with his eyes, we thought, as well as the doctor that Noa had been battling Styes for the last couple of months. He is now on his fourth medication and was referred to a specialist.
We went to see this doctor today...=( Noa does not have Styes in fact, he has blocked oil ducts in his lower lids. Basically they could put him on all the medicine in the world and it's not going to fix this. So next month, Noa will be going to CHKD for an outpatient surgery to take care of these blocked oil ducts. The DR. said it is  a simply procedure and Noa should bounce back immediately, let's just pray all goes well and my little boy will be running around right after surgery!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Our Family is growing!!

In an effort to keep our family world wide updated on our family, and our day to day events, we have created this blog!

We found out in November our family will be soon expanding. I am due with our second child August 1st. We are excited and anxious. From what we can tell, Noa is very excited, from time to time he calls the baby in my tummy, Baby Jaguar (From Diego, he might be sadly disappointed in a couple of months.) All is well in the doctor's eyes, baby is healthy, I'm healthy, and everything is going as it should.

I'm way more uptight this pregnancy, I think it's because I have a lot more going on and I have a two year old to chase after, thank goodness he is a pretty good two year old, most of the time.

We went shopping for the Baby Jaguar last night while daddy was at football practice, and he got to get the baby it's first outfit...Noa loves it, it has ducks on it.
I think Noa will be an excellent baby brother and I think he will do great.

I've been checking out some new gear for this baby, I think we need a stroller for both, since after all Noa is just a little over two and this baby is set to come six months from now. I don't know if I want a travel system, or a side-by-side. I think we are going to head over there this weekend and attempt to put it in the trunk and the best fit will win.
This morning Noa had to go the doctor, he has been battling Styes on both eyes for about a month now, and they are only getting worse, he got an additonal Stye instead of them going away. We went to the doctor, now the third time for the Styes, they switched his medicines again, two more =( and now he has to go see a specialist tomorrow. Wish him luck, I'm sure he will be already he's a trooper!

Well I'm off to Geology class. Everyone have a great day.